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Complex problems deserve a comprehensive response...


First, we study you, your kids and co-parent to understand what drives you, what you are missing, and how you wish to grow.

Then, we start learning the lagging life skills to help you respond to life's stresses, with more effectiveness and grace.

Soon enough we discover that knowledge and skill is not enough. We need to delve into emotions -- evolving the ones which block your growth into energy to fuel new behaviours. 

Once we have seen meaningful change, we start to cultivate it into regular habits which take less effort and accumulate in positive impact over time. 

None of us can do this alone. All of it happens within a Circle of Care which we help you to create and strengthen. This community of empowering allies is the glue and the support to continue growing beyond therapy. 

Important Note: 

We help you navigate,

while you sit in the driver's seat 

steering the buss.

Our 5 ringed approach is to move at the speed and timing which feels right to you.


And we flow back and forth between the different rings depending on what you and your family members are ready for. 

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