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To encourage successful results, we believe in taking the following ethical stands.

We ASSESS your readiness and our fit before taking any fees. 

Take our free 30 minute consult to assess: 

1. What it is you want to change. 

2. How ready you and other family members are to change and grow.

3. Whether we are the right fit to help you get there! 


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We will NOT try to FIX your family or eclipse your power and importance.

I explain in the 4 minute video below...



Why I won't see your child, without you!

We measure outcomes,

to spend your time, money and trust wisely.

We measure every session with evidence-based rating scales, where you tell us if change is really happening, or not. If need be, we re-adjust to get you better outcomes swiftly or refer you to someone who we believe can do so!


Wondering if we can help

you and your family? 

Wonder no more. Let's figure that out together. 

BOOK my free consult
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