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and FEES



What you share is kept in private confidence, except... 

If I feel that there is probable reason for concern that you may do harm to yourself or others, or that a child under the age of 16 has been harmed or is at risk of harm, then I am obligated to seek help from the authorities and confidential information may then be divulged.



To save you time, hope and money, we measure whether therapy is working or not!

I use the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scales (SRS) with you every time we meet.  It's quick and painless. And it leads to being able to better know if we are on the right track, if we need to shift how we are working or refer you to another professional. 



The fee is $180*/therapy hour**

* Note we also charge HST


See SLIDING SCALE below...

** therapy hour = 55 minutes of time together.

The standard range for someone of my qualifications in Toronto is between $125 - 200.  

PAYMENT IN FULL is due immediately after the therapy session.


A charge of $25.00 for NSF cheques, and failure to pay will be enforced.

Regular session charges are made for therapy, telephone consultation in excess of fifteen minutes, consultations with schools, agencies, medical doctors and other professionals, parental consultations, report/letter writing, completion of insurance forms.


Sliding Scale?

I do offer a limited number of clients

to pay fees at a sliding scale from

Families - $150 - $180/therapy hour*

Individuals - $125 - $180/therapy hour*

*therapy hour = 55 minutes in my practice

If finances are an issue and the standard fees are too high to continue treatment, please enquire if I have any spots at the sliding scale rate which suits you. 


Missed appointments

Yes, there is a charge for missed appointments... 

50% of session fees will be charged for the first cancelled therapy sessions without 24 hours notice.


The full session fee with be charged for subsequent cancellations without 24 hours notice.



Though many insurance companies cover Registered Psychotherapy... are responsible for submitting your own insurance claims.


I will provide the receipt with all the information you might need. 

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